What is Betweenity supposed to mean? Well it’s just a clever little word that I came across and I liken it to an in between place. Perhaps the space between what you have and what you want.
Moving on, what we do here is build websites.
These days it’s mostly WordPress because information on a website needs to be updated and WordPress makes it easy for the site owner to edit and update their own content easily.

Where to Start

Maybe you already have a site but it’s old and you can’t edit it. Maybe you don’t have a site and wonder where to start. The first thing you need is a domain name. If you already have one you need to know where it’s registered and what the login is at the registrar. A lot of people lose track of this stuff and it makes it very challenging to get on top of it. You can register a domain at any number of registrars. I use Namecheap but you can use GoDaddy, Register.com or any number of others. I don’t recommend registering your domain through a hosting service. Speaking of hosting, that’s the other thing you need. I offer hosting for my clients but there are many good hosting companies. I do not recommend hosting through a registrar like godaddy or any of the others. The main reason is to separate your possible areas of failure. Registrar dns, web hosing and email hosting. You should have a pretty good idea of what you want your site to achieve for you even if it’s just an online business card. I will add more to this page soon….